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Dome question on Casa2G 100

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  • Dome question on Casa2G 100

    I assembled the dome this afternoon and overall it looks pretty good. Two of the joints are maybe a little wide (maybe 1/4th inch) on the outside but seem to be good on the inside. I and two pretty muscular guys tried our best to close these gaps but couldn't do it. Is this good enough or do I need to try something else? Can I put fire barrier caulk in these joints and mortar over them? I appreciate any thoughts.

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    Re: Dome question on Casa2G 100

    Hi jbuildarkansas,

    You couldn't get the outside joints any tighter, because the inside joints are already nice and tight -- which is where it counts.The outside joints are wider intentionally, to let you pack some mortar between the outside edges of the dome pieces -- as well as outside of the joint. The good news is that the dome has interlocking pieces which gives you a nice, tight seam on the inside oven the oven (the important part). This is all good!

    You don't have to use anything other than the high temp FB Mortar that comes with the oven. Pack a nice 2" wide x 1" high band over the joint, and tamp it tightly down. The interlocking joint is much stronger than a simple butt joint, so you will be in good shape.

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