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Help Cracks in Oven

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  • Help Cracks in Oven

    OK its NOT a Forno Bravo so I guess I get what I deserve
    But I have a few cracks....I se them on the out side of my dome and I did do several slow increasing fires to cure it... How should I patch these..

    First i believe i did not seal the joint where the oven comes together well but I have already put a layer of fireclay on the top so the only place i can seal it is from the inside...

    Second I see several small cracks on the outside...they are not leaking smoke or anything but I don't want themm to get worse....what should I do with them?


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    Enough with the crack already.

    Stop freaking out. All ovens crack. Go back through your oven building steps. Do you really think a little crack can stop you from making the best pizza anyone has ever tasted? Nope. History and physics tell a tastier tale... Happy pizza.


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      Small cracks are nothing to worry about, but if they get larger and start leaking smoke, I'd use an angle grinder to create a V in the crack, then patch with refractory mortar (first choice) or furnace cement. Otherwise, redbricknick has the right attitude. However, we all do agonize at first. Come on, admit it.

      "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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        Been there, done that

        I posted a lament about cracks and pix to boot.
        I patched them with furnace cement and forgot about them.

        Make sure your oven is FULLY cured before you patch.
        There is nothing quite so satisfying as drinking a cold beer, while tending a hot fire, in an oven that you built yourself, and making the best pizza that your friends have ever had.


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          Thanks for the reassurance!
          After spending so much time and money on this you have to give me at least a little margin to freak out a bit!

          My pzzas were great and I did verticle chicken and potatoes...

          Look for my apple dessert I will post soon


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            Of course I would never rise to the bait and say "told you so." Sorry about that. I think your oven will make great pizza for years to come, and I am looking forward to hearing about it, and seeing your pizza photos.

            Have you send a final photo of your oven? Also, how is the hearth temperature holding up? Is that working well?

            My experience is that brick ovens just crack. My first Scott oven cracked in the vent, and after a few years, I lost half a brick in the dome. There doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it, and I have heard the "normal result of thermal expansion and contraction" speech quite a few times from professional Italian builders. That said, the precast ovens should not crack, but my guess is that you have little hairline surface cracks. It really isn't a problem. As others have noted, if you are not losing smoke and hot air out the top, your will be fine for years to come.

            Cook, eat, enjoy and send photos.
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              Re: Help Cracks in Oven

              I just read my own advice about oven cracks, from back when I hadn't even built an oven yet.. I feel better now, though i have several cracks in my dome.. I'll point em' after she's fully cured, and post photos..