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Building our WFO in Nebraksa

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  • Building our WFO in Nebraksa

    We started our oven back in May. It has been alot of fun working on it, once we overcame our fears of "just doing it". This forum has helped out alot especially CanuckJim who was a tremendous help during and even after the build. Here are some pictures.

    Laying out the block foundation

    First block down. Me on the right, neighbor on the left.

    Base is up and ready for insulation and concrete slab.

    4 inches of insulation below the slab and the slab poured.
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    Re: Building our WFO in Nebraksa

    Hearth bricks down and walls dry stacked for layout

    Dome up and foiled and wired ready for refractory insulation. Was really mad at myself for not taking photos of the dome going up.

    Insultion going on

    We have turned the project over to a mason to do the "pretty" brick work on the outside. He has the base bricked up and will hopefully start the top encasement soon. I will post pictures when that is finished. It has been 99 degrees and a heat index of 115 or better for most of the week, so he is in no hurry to be out in that heat. And trueth be told I wasn't to jazzed to be out cooking in it either.

    We have had a few pizza parties and cooked some bread and dinner it. Need to practice more before I show those pictures.