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Starting the planning for my oven

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  • Starting the planning for my oven

    I've been lurking here for around two years and have really enjoyed the builds and I'm very thankful for all the great info here.
    Now, thanks to my tax refund I'm finally going to be able to build my oven over the next couple of months.

    I'm planning on casting my oven and would appreciate any comments on my design and dimensions. Please see the attached drawing.

    My only other question for the moment is about the price of castable cement. I've sourced some Mizzou Castable Plus locally at $35 per 55lb bag. Is this a reasonable price?

    Thats about all for now. I'm sure to have tons more questions as this build gets off the ground.

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    Re: Starting the planning for my oven

    All look's great however I would thicken the concrete where the flue sits, my first cast oven cracked here as the flue gets very hot and i suspect expands and contracts a little. I spoke with a supplier of refractories and she said 4" was a thickness she'd be comfortable with on an oven but that's a lot of concrete (cash) so go for a minimum of 3". Good luck


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      Re: Starting the planning for my oven

      I don't think there's agreement on chimney transitions here, but I believe some sort of smoke chamber transition is beneficial to developing a good draw. I also think the chimney wants to move back closer to the edge of the dome.

      My oven draws great. I get no smoke out the front of my opening. Although mine is brick the picture will give you a sense of the geometry. I've read other people post that the transition should not be any steeper then 30deg.

      My oven build: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/m...and-13300.html


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        Re: Starting the planning for my oven

        Thanks for the info. I appreciate the advice.
        I will definitely look at making the flue area thicker and moving the chimney back toward the dome. I'll look into the smoke chamber and see what I can come up with.

        A friend is doing a 3D model for me, I'll have him incorporate these ideas into the model.


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          Re: Starting the planning for my oven

          Hi Brian,
          I would most definitely include a well sloped smoke chamber into the chimney design especially if you don't want smoke to come out your front arch.
          As mklingles suggested and has shown in his picture, a larger void immedaitely in front of your oven arch is essential to catch and funnel the smoke up your flue allowing a good draw. Mine is stainless steel and the only time I have ever had smoke out of the front arch was when I was using a leaf blower on full trot trying to get some wet wood going for a fast approaching party.
          Pics of my flue and build are in my postings.

          Cheers and good luck.

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            Re: Starting the planning for my oven

            the biggest mistake i made was not building a higher smoke chamber. i have a 36" oven and bolted a 6" SS plate to my arch and have an 18" SS chimney. i am going to add another 18" and hope to get a better draw so the smoke no longer comes out of the front.


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              Re: Starting the planning for my oven

              I am certainly no expert, but from observing what worked well and who had black smoke stains on the front of their ovens, I decided to make my flue a full brick width with a tapered smoke chamber( I tried to copy Dino, but mine wasn't as artfully done as his). Nonetheless, I get no smoke out the front except for when I am initially lighting the oven. The takeaway for me was make your flue/vent transition large.


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                Re: Starting the planning for my oven

                thanks everyone for all the comments and advice.

                I've been away from the forum for a while due to work, but hopefully now I can stop by a bit more often.

                I'm working on updating my design to include a smoke chamber and I'll post the update once I have it completed.