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My Steel and Masonry Hybrid Oven

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  • My Steel and Masonry Hybrid Oven

    I just recently finished building a non-traditional wood fired pizza oven. It is made from a recycled 420lb propane tank. It is lined with 2.5'' thick fire brick and castable refractory cement. I have only fired it 3 times and cooked in it once so far but it reaches 900f in around an hour from start up, and doesn't take much wood to maintain that temperature once there. I have gotten it up to 1200f with out much effort. Floor and dome temp is pretty even and controllable depending on the placement of the fire/coals. I'm happy with the results so far and look forward to perfecting my technique.

    Follow the link below to view my album.
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    Nice Job, What do you think it's weigh is? Put on wheels?