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Cob vs Perlite Concrete vs Brick???

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  • Cob vs Perlite Concrete vs Brick???

    Hello, newbie here with a build project on the go!

    I have several questions - if anyone can advise on any of them, I'd be most appreciative.

    - I have yet to determine my final inside diameter, I'm thinking between 36" and 42" - any recommendations?

    - I'm pretty sure I will be going with either cob or perlite concrete for the dome, however I've been unable to find many performance comparisons between the two, or between either of those and brick. I will be doing a firebrick floor, but not the dome. Can anyone weigh in the differences?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hi Carbivore,

    Welcome to the forum. Here is a thread that may help you. Feedback from Perlite/Cement oven owners?
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      Thank you! I'm a few pages in and already I'm changing plans, haha. I had already written off the gym ball idea in favor of a sand mould, but now I see I need a higher density inner layer. I'll keep reading.