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My first WFO build thread... I'm torn clay/cob or the much discussed homebrew cast

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    So next stage.... Remove the formwork from the entrance and let the oven air dry under the temporary gazebo for... 2 weeks? (can someone advise).

    I also need to make a door but i've run out of vermiculite so considering buying some boards and making a fancy door with vermicrete boards, decking boards, fireproof rope / adhesive and some handles. I don't fully know yet.

    I also need to render it. I need to make it weather proof as it is not having a cover. I think i will make a temporary cover for the winter periods out of a thick tarp specially sewed up, but essentially this will be out in the open (it's quite a sheltered garden).

    Question: can i tile this? I want to do a fancy mosiac pattern. If i do, do i still need to put a stucco / render scratch coat on it first? If so how thick?


    I probably won;t be setting any fires in this now until at least the beginning of September, then i'll brave the 7 fires over 7 days. need to consider the final finish though. Any advice is appreciated.

    Cheers all. PS. some of you oven builds that i've been following over the passed few months look really good!! Thanks for the inspiration


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      I'm thinking something like this for a vent. Could i make a small hole in the top of my vermicrete mix to insert? - It's about 50-60mm thick.


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        Robarb I’ve not checked on your post for a while - man you’ve been building fast!!! And the deck and pergola too - you are firing through this! Looks like you are going to have a great set up out there.

        Good luck when you start firing - you already know but take it slow
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          Thanks Mullster I took 8 days off work over 3 weeks, plus 3 weekends to get as much as possible done. I had a second pair of hands to help too! Only had two rainy days in all that time.

          I'm just considering my vent options next. I plan to start the firing process 1st week in September after 2 weeks of air drying. Then it's the final decoration. Think i want to tile it still, but we'll see

          Soon be Pizza time, glad you're enjoying yours!


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            Hi All,

            I seem to remember there being a fire curing guide somewhere on these forums. I have searched but haven't stumbled across it as yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd like to start curing tomorrow night after work.

            I know it's 7 fires over 7 days gradually getting bigger/hotter but what sort of temp/time should I be looking at for each burn.



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              My cast oven build thread



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                Thank you very much my good man!


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                  Have you insulated the dome yet? It helps with reducing thermal shock. I would use charcoal briquettes for the first couple fires, gets you around 200 -250 F then move to wood. This is where we see many builders get too excited and they get too hot too fast. One extra piece of wood will spike the temp. damaging or cracking the oven. slow, go.
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                    Hi Utah,

                    Yes all insulated. Got 2 layers of ceramic blanket (about 50-60mm) and same depth of Vermicrete 8-10:1 mix. Its been left to air dry for the past 2 and a half weeks under a gazebo. I haven't put the final render layer on yet as i'm waiting for a steam vent which i'm going to retro fit.