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Can she be brought back from the brink

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  • Can she be brought back from the brink

    Hi guys

    Will let the photos go the talking, can she be saved

    Followed your mix, let it sit for a week before any fired, good drying weather

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    Really hard to comment without knowing how the oven was construction, materials, etc.
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      Used the castable mix, sand, cement, clay and lime, used the stainless steel needles, couldn't find the fibres in Ireland, mixed in correctly and tried to maintain 50mm thick everywhere


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        "Used the castable mix",

        If you used a proprietary castable refractory the fibres should be already in the mix. If you used the homebrew castable without the fibres then the damage is probably due to the lack of them combined with too fast on the water elimination. Hard to say, what does it look like on the inside? Also, if you fired the inner oven without any insulation applied over it the risk of cracking is increased. As it's a dome form, even with cracks it won't collapse so it may still operate fine.
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          Cheers David and Russel for your informative posts,

          I will grind a v in to the cracks and repair in fire cement, put the ceramic blanket and chicken wire on, then vermicrete
          Another question I have, I have a stainless steel twin wall flue, do you need to seal the insulation section of the flue from the smoke or will it be ok,. I only have the 1m flue


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            Sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you post a sketch?
            Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.