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28" homebrew cast oven in walled enclosure Belgium

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  • Just realized I haven’t uploaded a pic of the finished oven yet apparently, so here is one.
    Actually I still have some things left to do in order of importance:
    • Make a permanent chimney cap to keep rain out (the plastic bag solution is horrible)
    • Make an outer ‘storm door’ to keep rain out of the entry
    • tidy things up around the roof edges (currently just screwed a wooden board in place), don't know exactly what/how though...
    • Apply a cement render over the base
    • Paint the whole thing (better protection against rain than just a cement render)
    • Make an insulated door for longer heat retention
    • next year add a work bech / table top to the right
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    My 70cm (28") build:


    • Thanks for the replies everyone.


      • Originally posted by Kris S View Post
        25kg vermiculite + 25 kg perlite 35 +/- 2/3 used
        25kg bags portland cement 2 7.5
        25 kg bags sand for dome mould and homebrew 3 5
        25 kg bag fireclay 1 17
        +/- 10kg hydrated lime 0 free

        Looking back at the used materials overview from my post #102 I bought 25 kg fireclay, I don’t remember exactly how much I used but I still have some left, maybe a quarter to a third.

        I can weigh what’s left over so we know for sure, I’ll try to do that.
        Just weighed what was left of the fire clay: I used 15kg.
        My 70cm (28") build:


        • Thinking about making an insulated door, which has better insulation properties? Do they differ much, and does it matter all that much?

          Hebel block vs. permiculite/vermiculite mix

          I guess 7 cm thick would be plenty? much better than the thin aluminum sheet I use right now?
          My 70cm (28") build:


          • You could just glue some vermiculite board to the inside of your aluminium door.


            • Yes, I was planning on doing something similar: using heat resistant glue to attach either a shaped piece of hebel block or a poured piece of P/V-crete to a multiplex board. (saw an example of this somewhere on the forum) and then over the multiplex I can finish with some nicer pieces of wood and a handle.
              And protect the bottom with a corner piece of metal to keep the wood part of the hot entry floor.
              I don't know what a vermiculite board is, probably some commercially precast boards?

              My 70cm (28") build:


              • Click image for larger version

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                Vermiculite board, is a common product very often found inside modern wood burning stoves, it comes in lots of sizes from brick size to large sheets.
                I use it to line the back of steel wood oven doors and for lining the rocket stoves I build.
                Basically a mass produced sheet form of high temperature board made from crushed vermiculite, fire clay and waterglass, good for 1000c but not very abrasive resistant but stronger than diy V crete .
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                • It seems a little more difficult to source a heat resistent glue.

                  Can I just use an all purpose construction type of glue like this that should withstand 90°C / 200K

                  How hot could the back of a +/- 5cm / 2" hebel block glued to the multiplex board become? any idea anyone?

                  what is the issue with using bolts and nuts to fix it instead of glue? would the metal transfer too much heat to the wood causing it to smolder and burn? expansion issues?

                  thanks in advance.
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                  My 70cm (28") build:


                  • Hight temp silicone is good for 270c that is what I use it works very well as long as it does not get exposed to a naked flame.


                    • Silicone you say... so that will act as a glue and hold it together?
                      ok iŽll look into that.
                      My 70cm (28") build:


                      • I just bought Rutland 500 degree RTV high heat silicone. I am planning on using it to seal around a flange i will use around my double wall chimney. It is rated to 500F, might work for what you are planning.
                        My oven build thread


                        • I use a high temp silicone (Permatex Ultra Copper) to stand off the insulating panel from the timber faced door. This reduces/ eliminates heat by conduction so they are not touching. Apart from the adhesive effect of the silicone, the insulating panel is held on to the timber by 4 3/16” 316 stainless bolts washers and nuts. The smaller diameter bolts don’t conduct much heat. Have made many of these with great success.
                          Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


                          • If you want a leftover piece of calSil board, and don’t mind the drive to St-Laureins….

                            that’s what I used for my door.


                            • Originally posted by Kvanbael View Post
                              If you want a leftover piece of calSil board, and don’t mind the drive to St-Laureins….

                              that’s what I used for my door.
                              That would be great! Do you still have a +/- semi circular piece 48cm wide at the bottom and 22cm high left over?

                              I think I should have time to make a trip to St-Laureins somewhere between christmas and new year, I'll PM you.
                              My 70cm (28") build:


                              • Yes, I do.

                                In case PM fails (I've had lost messages in the past), you can find me at <same first name as you>.vanbael@tele<you know what goes here>.be