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    Does anyone have any experience with this oven? It's available throughout Canada but I can't find any reviews etc on it. Information from Barkman seems pretty limited.

    I've been planning on building a brick Pompeii oven at our cottage but since we are only there on weekends, I didn't want to spend my whole summer building an oven so I thought this oven would be a quicker way.

    I did notice that the dome and floor are on the thin side and was planning on adding 2"s of perlcrete to the dome, some fire blanket and filling the rest of the airspace with perlite. Not sure this would make it any better.

    Barkman tells me that the dome and I assume the floor are made from "glass-fibre-reinforced refractory concrete" but there is not a ton of thermal mass to it.

    Plan B is to buy the landscaping bricks from them and replacing the dome and floor with my own firebrick version and pour my own hearth etc. They don't sell the kits in separate pieces, unfortunately.

    Plan C is plan B but with a Forno Bravo dome if I can get one in Canada.

    Plan D uses everything from the kit but on the floor and use pericrete as a floor and add 3"'s of perlcrete then fill the rest of the cavity with perlite.

    Attached is a document I got from them.

    Any suggestions on how to make the kit work would be appreciated?

    Has anyone else used landscaping bricks as much as possible?


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