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Planning my 32" cast oven

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  • Made a bit more progress last weekend. I was able to attach the cast entrance
    I tied it off with the wires I had cast into it and filled the gap with 10:1 Vcrete.
    Unfortunately it is not bonding well with the cured concrete (kind of expected)

    I am planning on redoing it as follows:
    • stuff gap approx. 1/2" - 3/4" with fiber blanket
    • cover fiber blanket and gap with Rutland Fireplace mortar, works up to 2000F, plenty for the entrance dome.
    I am wondering, will the above approach work?
    Will the mortar bond to the cured concrete surfaces (both the gallery and cast entrance)?
    Instead of buying the Fireplace mortar, should I just mix up a bit more Homebrew and use that?

    Any suggestions?
    My oven build thread


    • My design also employs the same design feature. It allows the inner parts of the oven to expand and contract freely inside the cooler outer shell and decorative arch. I have tried a number of solutions and like you l fill the gap with blanket and seal it off at the top with some vermicrete around 6 mm thick. I make it a bit richer (5:1) and run a pointing tool over it to compress it into the space. Obviously there are some bonding issues and the gap will fill with ash anyhow. You don’t want it to be too strong because you are asking it to act as an expansion joint, so it can’t be too strong. I’ve tried high temp silicon, but it’s not durable enough in that position. Other refractory caulks also failed which just go hard but not flexible. A floatingstainless cover over the gap is another solution that I’ve not pursued. I don’t bother filling the gap on the sides or at the top but just rely on the air gap which prevents conduction heat travel.
      Let us know what you’ve come up with.
      Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.