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Beer Keg Oven

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    Re: Beer Keg Oven

    Hey Nordik,

    What a fun looking oven!

    Can you send along a few more photo's to show some of the construction details; where are you cooking the pizza in the thing? That kind of stuff,

    Pictures and thousands of words.... or hold off on the thousands of words and just send pictures!




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      Re: Beer Keg Oven

      Nice job, I like the improvements that you have made, I have been watching this project with some interest, Please send more pictures as I have said in the past, this may be the very thing we are looking for.


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        Re: Beer Keg Oven

        thank you all.
        here are some more photos let me know if there is anything i'm leaving out for you.

        i've now found i dont need the different stages of opening if i were doing it again i'd just have one locking position

        you can see here i put a vent in the back of the keg about 7mm wide by 100mm (or there abouts) you can also see the bricks on the bars.

        here the keg open. you can see the bricks on the bars. although i haven't yet i may drill extra holes/positions for the bars to be able to adjust the brick height, lowering them an inch or two would be good to get a roast chicken in there. At this height i can cook a small loaf of bread though. (and pizza of course)

        here the lid with flue (150mm) i have made a butterfly valve inside it to control flow.
        sliding a bit of tin ontop of a square flue would work just aswell though. if i didn't have the scrap tube (and a welder) lying around i'd just cut a 150mm hole and control the flow with a bit of tin by blocking the hole.


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          Re: Beer Keg Oven

          the oven finished i had to put a handle on the lid so you can hold it bare handed. great thing about stainless (in this case) the heat transfer is poor so the handle is only just warm with the oven at temp.