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Clay oven

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  • Clay oven

    Hi, this is a photo of the clay oven I am installing.

    Truth is, I did not take any photo of mine, but this one is exactly the same. One meter outside diameter, made with very white clay, build in the west of Spain in a place called Pereruela.

    Thickness of the wall seems to be around 4 cmts. It will be covered with another 10 cmts kaolin mud mixed with straw, and insulation around.

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    Re: Clay oven

    Don't forget the insulation underneath. And consider something non-flammable for your clay covering. Are you doing a flue?
    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      Re: Clay oven

      Hi dmun,

      I'm afraid I arrived too late to this page in relation with underneath insulation. I only have a layer of firebricks and loose clay on top of a 10cmts standard mortar lying directly on the ground. This side of the house is build in a mountain and the oven is on the high side, so it is at ground level on the other side of the stone wall.

      I miss the point in relation in relation with non-flammable. I expect the clay to be non-flammable. Anyway, the final insulation will have a layer of fiberglass (or similar) under the final covering.

      And yes, it has a flue.

      Incidentally, your geodesic oven is amazing.