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Help with huge cracks before curing

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  • Help with huge cracks before curing

    When I built a form for the opening arch and vent, the plywood took up the entire space of the opening--mistake.

    This made it VERY difficult to remove--note if you are interested in making an arch form out of plywood, make one that doesn't go all the way down to the floor of the dome.

    Anyhow, in the midst of my pulling, prying, etc. to get this form out of the opening, some of the bricks were slightly moved causing major cracking along the back of the opening and on the arch.

    What do I have to do to make it solid again?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Here are a few pics--one is of the beginning of my fight with my not-so-thought-out form and the others are of the cracking.

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    Re: Help with huge cracks before curing

    Uusing a wetter than normal mortar squeeze as much morter into the crack as possible then carry on.


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      Re: Help with huge cracks before curing

      Sorry to see this, a good lesson for all builders - use shims to hold up the arch form or use what I call a cheater strip (a bottom piece of 1x2 that I screwed to the plywood which I had "short cut" by about 1/2") . when I was ready, I just removed 3 drywall screws and the form dropped right out.
      As for the crack, Neil's advice about covers it, you may want to grind or dig out the crack just a bit - it never hurts if you have a clean "V" groove to patch as opposed to a jagged crack.



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        Re: Help with huge cracks before curing

        Sorry it cracked for you. If doing it again try a plastic strip over the wooden form, also taperthe form slightly and put some wedges under the bottom. When removing the form pull out the wedges first and the form should slide out relatively easily, without wrecking your work.
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          Re: Help with huge cracks before curing

          Thanks for the help, guys. I did just chip away as much as I could around the back and make the mortar mix really soupy and am hoping that all is well. Also, I just lifted the arch out and chipped away the old mortar on the sides and tried again. It is now looking as good as new.

          Thanks again for saving me from a total panic attack!