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Brick Cutting ?s etc.

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  • Brick Cutting ?s etc.

    Hello All, my husband began building the 42" pompeii oven a couple weeks ago and we've come up with a few questions that I've been unable to find answers too on the forum (they're pretty simple so I'm sure the answers are out there I just haven't found them). We've got the foundation laid, the block stand built and the concrete then vermiculite insulation hearth installed. He's now @ the laying the fire brick hearth and building the dome phase. I'm going to post our photos of the progress so far. Here are our questions at this stage and I admit some of them are really rank amateur!:
    1. How do you cut the oven floor bricks so that the floor is perfectly round? We have a 7" Rigid wet tile saw but it obviously only cuts straight not curved lines.
    2. Are there any draw backs to laying the first course of bricks directly on the oven floor (aside from not being able to replace chipped bricks on the edges)?
    3. We are building a 42+" tuscan style pompeii oven. What are the advantages/disadvantages of having the first "soldier" course be a full size brick laid vertically?
    4. We like the plans where the solider course is angled at the top so as to have less mortar with the 2nd course. My question is what is the angle we should cut the solider course top on?
    5. What is the best total size of the vent area? If we go larger than a 42" oven say up to a 46" oven should the depth of the vent area be larger?
    These are all the questions I can think of now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some of the brick oven super stars on the forum can help us out. Thanks in advance, Andrea (wife of oven builder and future brick oven cook!)
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