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Mortar required to build a 42" dome

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  • Mortar required to build a 42" dome

    Does anyone have the calculation for how much mortar they using building a 42" dome? A builder just asked me.

    If you made your own mortar (either recipe), could you total up the weight?

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    For my 42" dome I purchased:
    4 5-gallon buckets of sand
    2 60-lb bags of cement (not concrete mix)
    3 bags of clay

    After finishing the dome I have left over:
    1 5-gallon bucket of sand
    1/2 bag of cement
    2+ bags of clay

    I really does not take much to build this project. Just buy a little more than you might possibly need so you can pass on the leftovers to someone else!


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      I used the 3 part sand, 1 part fireclay, 1 part lime and 1 part portland recipe and used just under a bag each of the portland and lime (80lb each) and just over a bag of fireclay (60#), call it 80#. I didn't count the sand bags, but I guess you would figure 240# give or take. I used some of the sand and fireclay under the bricks of the hearth.


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        Thanks for that,

        I am estimating the following from the 3:1:1 recipe:

        150lbs of sand
        50lbs of Portland
        50lbs of Fire clay

        That's about 250lb of mortar. How does that sound?

        What would our other builders say to that?

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