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Maximum vent/landing length - is 20" crazy?

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  • Maximum vent/landing length - is 20" crazy?

    Hi all,

    I've had a moment of panic in realising I've made my vent/landing area for my 40.5" WFO longer than I should have because the anchor plate for my chimney was bigger than I realised and I adjusted my plans without a thought for how having a longer landing would affect the oven's usability. Now that all the brick is cut and in place it looks a bit too long for comfortable access to the oven, especially for fire making if it's not right at the front of the oven. From the front of the oven to the oven opening is exactly 20". I'm worried it's too much, can anybody offer their opinions and perhaps also their vent/landing lengths? It's going to be a real pain if I need to rectify it but ultimately if I have to do it, now's the time.

    Many thanks!

    p.s. my oven building post is here;

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    Re: Maximum vent/landing length - is 20" crazy?

    I build the fire in the vent area and then push it in, so that shouldn't be an issue. So far as tending and pizza manipulation it is just a matter of the length of your peels and technique. No worries!


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      Re: Maximum vent/landing length - is 20" crazy?

      My landing is 15" PLUS an 8" concrete counter in front. So in total, it's 23" on my 42" oven. It's fine for me, I have long(ish) arms at 5'-10" tall and works fine. The reason it works is that the oven floor is about 43" off the ground. If it was taller, I would have harder time reaching in.

      Friends that are short (and have shorter arms) feel a bit overwhelmed and have to start the fire closer to the vent landing and them push back.

      Again, I have absolutely no problem with my height/arms and 23" total streatch to get to the middle or back of the oven.

      I think you're fine.
      Cheers, Dino
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