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Phoenix, AZ New Pompeii-just getting started

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  • Phoenix, AZ New Pompeii-just getting started


    The pizza bug has big me. I'm planning on building a 36" Pompeii, corner installation on a back patio at my home.

    Have downloaded the Pompeii guide, but lots of questions popping up.

    See attached photos. I've got 59" to play with for an oven, so my rough calculations estimate that I can do more than a 36" oven. But...I'm struggling with exact measurements.

    Does anyone have an easy template for a corner install that shows exact measurements that I could use? I'm unsure of exact measurements as round oven transitions to oven opening/landing.

    Any advice? I'm sure this will only inspire further questions...but it's a start.



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    Re: Phoenix, AZ New Pompeii-just getting started

    The Guide has corner installation layout specs on pages 17-18. The largest it shows is a 49" EXTERNAL MEASUREMENT (about 41" cooking floor) layout, but that requires at least two 62-inch sides for your stand. If you have a 59-inch space, the Guide specs out a 43.5" (external) oven. That would be a cooking floor of approximately 35.5 inches. So I don't think you're going much larger than 36" unless you're sacrificing insulation (bad idea, especially close to a house) or finish.

    EDIT: I found a few more inches for you. You don't REALLY need the window trim on the left side of the oven. You could pull the trim and run the hearth slab right up to the edge of your window, and the enclosure would cover any gaps. Or if you are installing an igloo, you could cut the trim in half and let it rest on the hearth slab. Or you could also pull the trim and tile from the window to the corner and to the end of your slab on the other wall.

    Just my taste, but I think you'll want an igloo in the space you have. It will create the illusion of space behind the oven instead of turning that corner into a monolithic, floor to ceiling block. I think the igloo will also help you avoid dealing with roofing the oven through your existing "pergola". Check your chimney height against local code, because I think it will have to exceed your roof height given the location.
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      Re: Phoenix, AZ New Pompeii-just getting started

      Hey Scott,

      I know that feeling of needing an oven.

      My suggestion is develop a template (you will need it for the floor anyways ) and put it on the floor. Now add 4.5 inches on each side (36+9=45) and that is roughly the size of your footprint using vermiculite. From there you can set up your foundation.

      I know with my 42 inch oven, looking back, I should have made my foundation bigger - changed my landing, etc. I had to reposition the template several times to get the right placement using the fire bricks (you can learn what not to do from my build - just no laughing! )

      And by all means, feel free to email the others in the AZ group - go down to the regional forums and look for AZPiazzolos (yes, I mis spelled that as well - I are an engineer).

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        Re: Phoenix, AZ New Pompeii-just getting started


        Thanks for the reply. Did a template...and used 4.5 on both sides. My biggest concern is distance between outer edge of oven and existing stucco wall...which is 5". Heat is the issue...what are your thoughts on best way to insulate the oven in that 5" to make sure that stucco stays cool? Is a good insulating blanket as recommended by FB guide sufficient to keep the heat off my house. Burning it down would be bad for the marriage.

        I'm curious...if you or any of the AZ Pizzolos have exact dimensions for the oven/opening for a 36" oven. I can figure out the 36" round part, but the length/transition to opening are what have me somewhat confused. Or...if you don't, know of anything like this on this forum?

        What part of town are you in? Type of engineer?



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          Re: Phoenix, AZ New Pompeii-just getting started

          Hey Scott,

          I built a 42 inch oven, so my arch template would not work for you. I do know there is another thread on openings in the oven construction forum. I would also look at the ebook as well. Just follow the max dimensions in the ebook and you should be fine (63% of dome height for the opening height...)

          With the limited clearance you have, I would definitely do the kaowool/fire blanket. Inch for inch it is a much better insulator. With a rendering on top to give you the igloo appearance, you will be good. The challenge I see is that getting behind to put tapcons into the slab to hold the strapping down - not unachievable, but challenging none the less!

          One error I caught in my calcs was the brick did not have the insulation - total duh manuver on my side. So going over the calcs again

          Inside = 36inches
          dome thickness without insulation 4.5 x 2= 9
          Insulation (Assuming kaowool) = 3 inches x 2 = 6

          Rendering = 1/2 inch x 2 = 1 inch

          Total diameter is 52 inches

          That leaves you 1.5 inches on each wall side.

          Air is a terrible heat transfer material - make a better insulator and that is why the kaowool works so well - the mineral portion does not transfer heat well and has a whole bunch of air pockets in it. If you can take some time and search for dome temperatures you will see that they are pretty low for 3 inches of insulation (if memory serves correct around a Phoenix summer day (120F)

          I am in SE Gilbert - not too far from a dairy - get to drive past that lovely smell each night. How much luck can a guy have after so long down here!!!

          As for engineering, I am a Chemical Engineer who also practices Environmental Engineering and dabble with the lawyers in my work discussions.
          Jen-Aire 5 burner propane grill/Char Broil Smoker

          Follow my build Chris' WFO