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    What is the raw materials cost to build this thing yourself?

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    Re: $

    I am still building mine, and it sounds like it varies. The prices for every thing are different from store to store (by a lot). I found fire bricks for 1.30 at one place and 2.75 at another. But I don't think we are doing this to save money, it's for the pizza.



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      Re: $

      All depends on your source. I am under $500, but I got me some free stuff - like 300 fire bricks. However, fire bricks down here (Phoenix) are $1.65 each for the yellow and $1.25 for the red. I have not done the enclosure as of yet, but I have free stone as well.

      Plan on $1000 plus is my guess.
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        Re: $

        The cost is irrelevant if you are a true pizza nutcase like most ppl here are....

        I bought enough refractories to build 2 ovens and it cost me A$1500, the enclosure for 1 oven around A$300ish.

        Its only money, dont worry about it, think of the all years of joy and happiness, plus the good kudos from your friends for supplying pizzas.....
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          Re: $

          I built a Scott style oven and it ran me just over 2K. However I used refractory cement, insulation, and mortar wich drove up the cost a bit. However my entire brick enclosure was done with free bricks and free labor so saved a ton there.
          Look at many sources and price things out before diving in. It will help save a lot of money.


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            Re: $

            Unfortunately, your question is similar in nature to 'how much is it to buy a car?'. You'll need to be more specific regarding size, style and finishes. All these things will change the cost, not to mention how much you can locate from Craigslist (or other such type lists) and how much you buy new. Oh, and how much of your own labor are you going to put into it? Best bet is to read through the postings on Forno Bravo regarding the style you want and then start to figure out how much it will cost.
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              Re: $

              Another thing to consider is that while you can save money by skimping in certain areas on the build skimping in the wrong areas - insulation for example - could be false economy as it will result in burning much more wood to get to and hold the required temps which = more money and more work for the life of the oven, same deal if you use the wrong bricks.

              Not sure it will help you but materials for a 42" pompeii (igloo) in Sydney Australia are around $1600. You may need to provide more info e.g. the size and type you plan to build for a more accurate assessment of the cost moving up from a 36" to a 42" = a lot more materials and therefore cost.


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                Re: $

                My website has a completely itemized cost sheet if you want to see how it all came out:
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