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Pre build questions

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  • Pre build questions

    After lurking around for the past two years and studying the plans for abouth the same amount of time I am ready to embark on my build. I do however have a few concerns that i would ask you experts to addres for me before I make a big mistake.

    1. Foundation. I want to build this on my existing swimming pool deck, however the deck is only 4 inches thick but is rebar reinforced. I also want to build it on the edge of the deck. Is this something I should be concerned about?

    2. Heat. This will be built as part of a larger kitchen area under a roof. The oven however will need to be built so that it will be next to poolhouse wall. Is there something I need to do differently or modify on my poolhouse to prevent burning down the pool house?
    The oven will also need to vent thru the wood roof. Is there a preferred way of doing this, i.e. Materials I should use.

    Thank you in advance for your input. I am ready to go but need to know these things to prevent any unforseen problems.

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    Re: Pre build questions

    I don't have the weight of the oven and stand at hand but let me give it a swag.
    300 or so bricks, for a 42", at about 8# each = 2400#
    plus 30+ concrete blocks at 37# each = about 1100#
    X bags of cement

    Where I'm headed is a foundation would be a better idea considering being on the edge of the deck. An equipment rental place will rent you a saw to cut out an opening in the deck to pour a foundation into. One way to minimize the weight would be to use a steel stand and of course to consider a smaller sized oven.

    As for the heat being a problem, insulate the dome very well and use the Simpson Duratech or like brand Stainless Steel insulated chimney and the correct components for traversing the roof. Pay attention to getting the height to code and getting the entry to chimney transition clean and more than ample.



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      Re: Pre build questions

      SCChris has good advise.

      Differentially loading an existing slab will likely lead to cracking. Your oven should be supported on a slab that is structurally isolated from the surrounding deck slab.