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42" in Hungary by Slovak guy ;)

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  • 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy ;)

    im a slovak guy living in Hungary, first village after the border called Rajka.
    So i'm starting my build. I have sources for all material, some are different size or 2x as pricey. Nevermind.. all can be done

    All is metric, no inches

    All photos are stored here: Pompeii Brick Pizza Oven - a set on Flickr

    Oven will be in the corner, near my workroom (summer room/house)

    Made a base (205x240cm)

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    Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

    put some round stone gravel, premixed with sand (maybe 10cm), then used vibratory plate to fix it

    then put some 5cm crushed rock and home made steel net (12mm and 8mm). 12mm rods on the edges (under block stand walls) and 8mm in the middle for concrete plate fixture

    and thick layer of concrete



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      Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

      Block stand...
      i will be using 50cm x 20cm x 25cm blocks

      my idea

      my concern is high.. it can be 75cm or 100cm, what to do?


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        Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

        A good start alex.g!
        75 or 100 cm high? For me that means 30 or 40 inches high. I am over 6 ft tall (~150+ cm) so I would opt for the taller (100cm) height. It all depends on your preference; if you want/don't want to bend over to look into the oven; if children or persons of smaller stature will be using it, etc. My hearth floor is at 50 inches (125 cm), so I don't have to bend much. Either way you do it, I'm sure it will cook great pizza



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          Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

          This is what i wanted to hear I have about 6'9" so will make 100cm block stand for sure.


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            Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

            It looks like you’re busy with several projects at once.

            I hope you commemorated the laying of the slab with some P?linka.

            I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

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              Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

              i was thinking to buy mier saw for brick cutting, but once i fund cut/broken bricks

              So i bought that red thing instead (don't know the name in ENG)

              how to cut a brick in less than a 30sec with no dust and heavy machinery

              get all tools toghether

              mark a half

              make a furrow all round the brick (i think 3 would be enough too, one from the top and two in the sides)

              then just hit with a hammer


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                Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                i like raw sides better that out of saw

                maybe i would face these sides into inside of the dome, what do you think?


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                  Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                  A nice clean cut, alex.g. I would face the cut sides out and the factory sides in towards the fire. That is how the downloadable oven plans recommend doing it. You don't want any particles of brick falling into your pizza!



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                    Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                    Looks good Alex.

                    I would spend a bit of time on determining what finished oven hearth height will work for you. This is an important dimension and difficult or impossible to change after the oven is built.


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                      Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                      You are right Gene, but i can try to clean it with brass brush. But over time and heat this side can release small particles.. for 90% sure.

                      Neil, i will make block stand out of Ytong by Xella - Ytong
                      Something like this - Grill z bloczk?w YTONG - YouTube

                      also thinking about Xella products for hearth insulation.
                      But for sure block stand will be min 100cm high.


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                        Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                        Update guys...
                        i have bought 20cm width YTONG bricks (one palette, 42 pcs, 120eur, 200x249x499)

                        Plan was to make 4 layers

                        but it was too high (not too mention i was needed to make 20cm hearth), so after we were done we have took 1 layer off, and this is what i have now


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                          Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                          just ordered Ytong Reinforced Lintels to make a hearth

                          250x249x1500 with 22 kN/m

                          and thinking to cover it with Ytong Multipor (R=1,11 m2.K/W for 50mm thinknes and R=4,44 m2.K/W for 200mm)

                          thermal conductivity of
                          Ytong Multipor λ = 0.045 W/(mK) (no temp data)
                          Morgan Thermal Ceramics - Ceraboard 1260 λ = 0.08 W/(mK) (400C), 0.11 (600C), 0.15 (800C), 0.2 (1000C)
                          Unifrax Fiberfrax 1260 λ = 0.09 W/(mK) (600C), 0.13 (800C), 0.17 (1000C)
                          FB from Forno Bravo has λ = 0.085 W/(mK) (400C), 0.132 (800C), 0.189 (1000C)
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                            Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy

                            For cutting 9.5 in bricks in half i put 10 bricks on a 2x10 and set up a board on top of them for my fence and cut them with a 7.5in carbide blale , cut both sides about 1/2 in then use a hamer to split them .
                            Once you set up your gig it goes real fast. Finished my pompaii this summer, and lovin it
                            Lubetich up in grapeview washington


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                              Re: 42" in Hungary by Slovak guy