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Do I need to re-cure?

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  • Do I need to re-cure?

    So, I completed my dome in in July... It took me about 6 weeks on and off from start to finish. Then life took over and I got super busy and didn't have time to enclose the dome. No problem, because I live in Southern California and we have had no rain.

    Last weekend I started to frame the enclosure and I got it pretty well framed; finishing the framing yesterday.

    Today it is pouring rain! I tried covering it with plastic, but with the framing in place it is not easy to cover. Needless to say, my dome will be getting wet.

    Do I have to go through the entire curing fires process again before I finish the insulation and enclosure?

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    Re: Do I need to re-cure?

    Hi there,

    Short answer, yes. You need more curing.

    I would let it dry for a couple of days then put a small fire in it. Let the oven slowwwly come up in temp. Maybe a couple days of small fires. Firebricks can suck up a lot of moisture. You need to slowly drive that water back out. Heat it up too fast and the steam will start breaking stuff.

    In the meantime you can go ahead and insulate with your blanket and continue building your enclosure. The steam will go through the blanket.
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