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Steel Stud Question

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  • Steel Stud Question

    Excuse me as this may be a stupid question, but are there difference's in steel studs that I need to be aware of? I found 25 on CL for $20 bucks and they were extra for a wall in a basement. That's all I know about them. Seems like a decent price but as I'm not at this stage yet so I wasn't sure if I needed a specific type or thickness. The oven will be built in a cold climate if that makes any difference. Thanks.

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    Re: Steel Stud Question

    watch out for super-light weight studs. Most of the studs you get from hardware stores (in my experience) are around 25 gauge. 25 gauge studs should be used for non-load bearing applications.

    An oven with a walled enclosure is a load bearing application. Shingles, tar paper, cement board, and people ( if you ever have reason to go climbing on the roof) are all heavy.

    I recommend 18 gauge or 20 gauge as a minimum.



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      Re: Steel Stud Question

      Or double them up to make them twice as strong. Of course that is if they are free or reasonably inexpensive. Never look a gift horse in da mouth!
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        Re: Steel Stud Question

        How many studs do you need for the design of your enclosure? You will certainly need twice that number....Mix these stud in with the studs you buy elsewhere. I would have no problem using them. The roof of your enclosure is relatively light weight.
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          Re: Steel Stud Question

          We used 18 ga. steel studs, 6 bags of vermiculite and a few sheets of green board, almost done, pictures here: DIY pizza, Pizza Making Supply, DIY Pizza oven, DIY pizza-ovens, DIY wood ovens, pizza Cutter, Pizza Stones, pizza knives, spice shakers, cheese shakers, crushed red pepper shaker, grill pizza, grill pizza, pizza Q, BBQ pizza, make pizza grill, makin Oven is built of mostly "FREE" recycled materials !