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different size bricks

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  • different size bricks

    I have been looking religiously for fire brick that is not costly, and have yet to find any. Today I sent an email to someone who, two years ago, had over 20,000 or so fire bricks. Some were the 9 X 4 X 2.5 and some were 1.25 thick. He replied back to me and said that all he had left were the 1.25" bricks. I'm guessing that they would work. I would have to use more of them to get the proper diameter oven that I want. He says he has several hundred of this size brick left. I'm waiting for a reply on what the cost per brick is. Does anyone think that this would not be an effective option? The other dilemma is that he is located in Texas (I think) and I am in South Carolina. If anyone is interested, let me know.