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gasket on brick?

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  • gasket on brick?

    I didn't have the skills to build the arch of my oven with that jam (don't know ithe proper term/name) that a door butts up to. My plywood cut out that I use as a door now (was the arch support while building the vent) fits pretty snuggly in that there is only about a 3/16" gap at most between the brick and the wood. I want to just use a piece of fire gasket rope as the "jam" as well as to make it more air tight. Is there anyway to adhere the gasket rope to brick? I've found a product called Rutland hi temp gasket sealer that's rated to 2000F, and while it states that it can be used for brick, it's best used for metal to metal.

    Appreciate your thoughts and advice,

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    Re: gasket on brick?

    Its more of a reveal than a jamb, rope stuck in place will last about 2 uses of the oven if you are lucky.
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      Re: gasket on brick?

      If your opening doesn't have an arch instead of rope you could use some 19x19x3mm angle steel on the uprights and along the top. make it a snug fit so it holds itself in (snug enough so you need to gently tap it into place) and then you could use some gasket sealer to make it even more secure.

      All you would need would be an angle grinder to cut the steel and a bit of time. Downside is it might not look to your taste and you'll effectively narrow your entry by 38mm.

      If your oven does have an arch you would only be able to put it on the sides (unless your good with bending metal) and then I guess you'd aim to make your door as snug vertically as possible.

      Any photos of your ovens opening?


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        Re: gasket on brick?

        It has an arch. I guess I was referring to the reveal. I've also thought about having a piece of steel maybe 1/4" thick bent to shape.