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slipped brick in vent arch

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  • slipped brick in vent arch


    After about 20 cooking sessions a brick in the vent arch slipped. I noticed small mortar cracks open on heating, but then last night the brick moved a lot. I pushed it back in this morning.

    What is the fix here? Do I make a tapered brick out of two bricks to fill the space more fully?

    I have hardibacker screwed to the gabled house framing and 3 " of FB blanket over the vent arch, but all is removable and the arch is accessable.

    (I can't find bulk vermiculite so I haven't finished the enclosure).

    thanks in advance, Don

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    Re: slipped brick in vent arch

    Hi Don,
    several option are available, but to retain the balance appearance of your facade, I'd drill a coupe of holes up through the depth of the brick and screw it to the ones above it. You can sink the bolt/fastener below the surface and mortar up the evidence.
    You could make up a tapered brick, even slightly taper the loose brick and re-mortar it back in place with a slightly wider joint OR
    using high temperature silicone, glue it in place (the type that model car racers use on their exhausts that resist up to around 960˚F.


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