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36" Build In Nevada

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  • 36" Build In Nevada

    Dome closed and transition for flue done. It's been quite a project. I think it's
    time to cover it for Winter and continue in the Spring. My question is..would it be benificial to build curing fires then cover it with multiple tarps for the Winter?
    Thanks for any input. I'll post a cpople of pictures in th Gallery


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    Re: 36" Build In Nevada

    I'd run a quartz work light for a few days to drive as much moisture out before you cover. As I remember you're in the shadow of the Sierra and don't get much rain/snow and as a plus the air is dry as a bone in winter.. Am I right on this?



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      Re: 36" Build In Nevada

      Originally posted by lmontee View Post
      My question is..would it be benificial to build curing fires then cover it with multiple tarps for the Winter?
      Rain is not in our immediate future. I would just let it air dry and cover before it rains / snows. Chris is right about the dry air. I didn't do a single cure fire.
      Check out my pictures here:

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        Re: 36" Build In Nevada

        Thanks for the input. It's been drying out for a week all ready. Guess I'll just cover it up in the next couple of days. They're forcasting a cold storm heading in Sunday or Monday. You're right Chris as I'm sure Les knows being from Carson. Silver Springs is out in the Big Empty. Shadowed not only from the Sierras but the Pinuts as well. Trouble is.. I took next week off work to begin work on the steel framing! Oh well.



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          Re: 36" Build In Nevada

          I'd do some curing fires/lamp/heater drying to drive some moisture out before it gets freezing. Concrete can handle freezing, firebricks might not if they are too moist.

          Other than that all I've had in my oven for the first two winters are the insulation and tarp with some breathing room rigged between it and the dome insulation (I used ceramic blanket). I cured my oven before the first winter and been cooking with it since.


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            Re: 36" Build In Nevada

            Larry, you could continue the structure build and wait on the fires. If you're building a stucture, or an igloo, do it and get your dome covered and as long as the oven entry allows that dry air to circulate you'll move forward.

            Best to you and yours!


            PS Being conservative about curing, I still think I'd run a lamp for a while. Regarding Laku's comment on freezing, you could even just run a 100w bulb during nights for a while to keep the oven over freezing. This differentual will warm the cold dry air and make it even dryer and promote air circulation and drying.

            PSS Opinions are like..... Everyone has one... :-)
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