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  • Stucco help

    Almost done with my build...I'm ready to apply stucco to the gabled structure surrounding the oven which is a cement board substrate. Do I need to wrap with wire lath, or can I apply stucco directly to the cement board?

    If I need the wire lath, any advice on how to best secure it to the cement board? I've seen others use staples, but I'm concerned about cracking the cement board and the staples popping out over time.

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    Re: Stucco help

    If you are going direct over cement board, it will probably crack at joints and corners. You can eliminate this by using lath and screwing it to the board, leaving all screws back from the joints and corners by 4-6". You can also use a one-coat stucco base coat with fiberglass tape embedded at joints and corners as a first coat, then do another finish coat over it. It will still probably have cracks, but they will be minimal.


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      Re: Stucco help

      I have never used lath when putting stucco on cement board. I do use mesh over all the joints (to prevent cracking). I also mix a concrete bonding agent in with the stucco mix (in place of some of the water). It helps create a better bond to the cement board.

      If you're at all worried about cracking - you can put mesh into your first coat when its still wet - to help avoid any cracking. Just make sure you mix it and let it cure properly between coats.

      Others may have different opinions - but this has worked for me every time.


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        Re: Stucco help

        I just did mine (like this week!) and used lath over tar paper for the base coat. That's the recommended approach for 3 coat stucco. I suppose you could put it straight onto the concrete board, but if anything hits it too hard and it flexes, big chunks could come off. The 2 coat method is really for cinder block or concrete - surfaces with no flex.

        I secured the lath with screws in a grid pattern. HD sells lath screws that work great.

        this youtube video does a pretty good job of explaining stucco application

        Note that I took my lead from Tscar. He's the pro at this
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          Re: Stucco help

          Thanks for the replies, great insights. I'll post pics as I make progress...