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Rear to frt measurement please

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  • Rear to frt measurement please

    I am planning the arch placement on the floor my question is there a specific measurement from int rear to int frt of arch placement so the dome will intersect? I am buildings 42" int diameter oven. I am going to bevel the arch to intersect

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    Re: Rear to frt measurement please

    Here is the basic layout I used for my 42 inch. It seemed to work ok, and it wasn't too bad to tie in. I wanted a 20 inch wide opening and I simply used a 20 inch chord set perpendicular to the radius (I guess all chords are perpendicular to the radius).
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    Link to my build: 42 inch Michigan Oven


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      Re: Rear to frt measurement please

      Cut a second inner dome-profile template and trim it vertically so that its curve matches up with the top of your inner arch form. This will determine the placement of your inner arch.

      Here's some more pics: (Post #34)