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  • My Build...Few Questions

    Hey guys, just have a few questions about my build. I live in NJ and its very cold here ( well not today and tomorrow) I look to cap my dome off tomorrow and was wondering the best way to dry it out in below freezing temps.

    1)I look to put two inches of ceramic foam and then should i do vermiculite/cement mix, or just fill the entire brick housing with loose vermiculite?

    2) I didnt use any "hydro", or fast curing cement additives since if it ever fell in the food, i was unaware of the repercussions, but I want to cure the dome while rain and cold temps are on the way... Best solution?

    3) Being the fish that I am, I did not put aluminum foil down in between the floor and vermiculite mix, but I did put it under the dome bricks and opening. It seems the mix is very sponge like, So should i be concerned when i close it up with my brick housing that their will be moisture in there?

    4) is a thermal break necessary? I plan to have a regular red brick layer on the landing, so my firebrick ends below the opening( or just after).

    5) should i build a structure for the chimney or just leave the exposed pipe?

    6) I appreciate any help and I will attempt to post some pics. Thank you all.

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      Re: My Build...Few Questions

      Failed with pics, not worried about it!