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Turning storage area to a smoker

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  • Turning storage area to a smoker

    I looked for a similar thread and could not find anything that helped.

    I built my oven several years ago according to the plans, however I have been unhappy with the base for wood storage. Since I raise a pig here and there and tend to need to smoke meat was thinking of turning this into a smoker so I can throw a few hams, bacon etc in there at once.

    Has anyone done this or seen this done , in retrospect would have built it in the first time but think a retrofit may work. Is there any downside ?

    thanks ,

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    Re: Turning storage area to a smoker

    Hot smoker or cold smoker?


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      Re: Turning storage area to a smoker

      funny I am on the fence - so not sure what I need. Seem to do a lot of bacon which lends to cold. then there are hams and such so can one multipurpose ? Think its time do so more reading.


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        Re: Turning storage area to a smoker


        From the beginning, I could never see myself using my "wood storage area" as a simple wood storage. I, and others have found ways to make that area a little easier to use. I am sure that you have read where some have built carts with casters, which allowed them to easily retrieve the wood from under there, (without having to crawl inside to get what was in the back) . I know that many have buit multiple openings to theirs, but that was not not an option for me.

        I have other, easier to reach, areas for wood storage, so I installed a large drawer underneath mine for storage of oven related tools. IE: pots, pans, peels, probe thermometers, and a bottle of Crown (that I don't want SWMBO to find out about .

        I like that TropicalCoasting has helped you to decide to do a little more research on the hot/cold smoking issue. I have been able to, both hot and cold smoking in my pompeii on a small scale.

        Since you raise pigs, (which grow into hogs) you may want to ramp it up a bit. This is one Cowgirl's Country Life: Building a cold smoker (smokehouse) that I have looked at for inspiration to smoking cured meat.

        There are lots of smaller options out there. Depending on hot smoking, cold smoking, large scale, small scale etc. Do plenty of research (I call it googling) on the subject to decide just exactly what type of smoking fits your scale
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          Re: Turning storage area to a smoker

          Wow awesome link there Gulf! I've got so much to do this spring/summer to finish off the exterior of my oven and counters - but now you've both got me thinking about something completely different. I'll have to do some more "Googling" of my own.