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Neapolitan Oven Dimensions

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  • Neapolitan Oven Dimensions

    I am planning on a 35.4" (90cm) neapolitan oven build and are wondering about these dimensions:

    1. Internal hight. What would be the internal hight? I would like to have it around 14.17" (36cm). Or stick with the d/3.4 rule? Seems kind of low to me.
    2. Oven opening hight. So following the 63% rule and sticking with the 14.17" (36cm) internal hight it would be 8.92" (22,7cm).
    3. Oven opening width. Something between 13.78" (35cm) and 15.75" (40cm).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers, Detlef.

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    Re: Neapolitan Oven Dimensions

    I based the opening of my oven on the largest thing I could think of that I would want to put in the oven....and that was a turkey. I went to the grocery store with a tape measure and measured a turkey (when nobody was looking). I have a 42" oven with a 20 inch wide x 12" high opening (I think)


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      Re: Neapolitan Oven Dimensions

      Your numbers sound pretty close.

      Do not go with the d/3.4 rule for a small oven, you don't need to be that low. 14" is good, I personally build my ovens 13", highly doubt you will notice the inch much.

      The traditional cast iron openings are 22cm radius hemispheres. For a 36" oven I would personally for with an 8" radius hemisphere.

      Not much on this type of oven here, but you'll find lots of builds on other sites if you look around a bit. Everything you'll ever want to know is out there.


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        Re: Neapolitan Oven Dimensions

        Thank you guys. Now I know what I need/want!
        Cheers, Detlef.

        P.S.: And by the way, skip the bird - I want Pizza! Fast!