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expand the outer arch?

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  • expand the outer arch?


    i"m currently building a 40" Pompeii oven in Israel, and I"m now in the stage of oven entrance, i believe it is referred as the oven vault.
    the doom entrance is an arch 19.5"X 12". a 1" reveal all around the opening is planed so that the inner arch will be 21.5"
    i saw some plans that expand the outer arch to 25" (from about 22" inner arch to 25") and i wounder what is the reason for the widen outer arch?
    thanks for your help, Niro

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    Re: expand the outer arch?

    I believe the wider outer arch is to make it easier to slide in the door.
    I made the wider arch too on my oven, I don't have a door yet but I think it makes it easier to clean up the oven. The tool handles have more room to go side to side with a wider entrance.