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32" storage heater and brick dome build in Ireland

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    Originally posted by Tintan28 View Post
    how many storage heater bricks did you use?
    what mortar did you use?
    how did the former work?
    any other info you think might be useful would be gratefully received.
    many thanks in advance.
    As the firebricks are really expensive in the UK, you will find the heater bricks are as good.However they don't take alot of load. Therefore your dome should not exceed 60cm in radius.
    The heater bricks are much easier and cheaper to cut to size.
    Watch out for the ones made of Asbestos!!! as certain heater bricks ( the ones that Kellerman had used don't have the dreaded asbestos, watch out for the older version of the heater bricks).
    You can cut the heater bricks with a wet tile cutter. You will save huge amount of dosh this way.
    The thermal storage and efficiency is nearly as good as firebricks. If you want to do the mortar the cheap way and more effective way, I would use Lime:fireclay;cement: sand 1:1:1:3 for the mortar. There is a very informative thread by Crisp on this mixture
    You can buy the lime cheaply from Selco. As for the fireclay, there are couple of suppliers near where you are situated up north.
    Speaking of northern England, there should be few cheap suppliers of firebricks manufacturers, especially near Nottingham.
    Avoid Travis Perkins for any building materials, as they are expensive.
    I would recommend reading
    Gulf 's posts too
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      Thanks for your replies fellas, much appreciated!