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    Hi everyone. I remember on my first build how difficult I imagined the transition between the opening and the dome would be to build. And I used a lot of time in cutting bricks which would fit the various angels in all directions. Very time consuming! And not very perfect fit either.
    Now I have gained more experience and my best advise to you all is this:

    Build the opening and the dome in parallel (i.e. simultaneously) and just let the bricks protrude into the interior of the dome rather than try to cut perfectly in advance. Tie the dome and the opening by letting 1/2 a dome brick become part of the opening and vice verse. Make sure to use mortar in between the bricks. Then, as you come to the top of the opening, and still have ample access into your dome, after the mortar has dried. use your grinder and cut away all the protruding brick ends and turn the dome and opening into a nice transition with perfect fit. Works very well and save you a massive amount of work and worries.

    Regards from Karl