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possible alternate insulation blanket/progress report

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  • possible alternate insulation blanket/progress report

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has used this product as a dome insualtor, ROXUL? The Better Insulation | Products | RW™ 60 Blanket and how much should be used if so? I have a hard time understanding r values and all that stuff. When I was on the phone with my local vendor I asked him if there were any alternative products that could substitute for the insulfrax or fiberfrax and he mentioned this. By the way what is the advantage of using insulfrax over fiberfrax? The other thing he mentioned was the stuff jon breck used ,cast o lite 1600/2200. I have made significant progress over the last couple weeks. I now have a 42" 1/3 brick16" tall dome with a pretty aggesive arch. It has a 9tallx 17 inch door which will be fittedwith a true radius half moon stainless steel plats as the oven opening. I got my pipe yesterday and went with triple wall 7". I have attached a few pictures and one is a mockup of what I think I will be doing for the vent/landing. It is simple, but i think it looks strong and effective. I was wondering since I am going to have a 9" tall door, how high can the front of my vent be and still draw effectively? I am not liking my viewing angle of the interior. the mock up has it at 12.5 (with mortar) point. Thanks of all of your help. Its funny, not really, but all of this low dome conversation started, right as I started my build, and I did not look at the sight for a week or so after I started. I have had some worries about the arch being too aggressive and caving in, but I dont think it is going to. hear knock on wood now. Thanks all please chime in -marc

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    Re: possible alternate insulation blanket/progress report

    Marc, vent height probably doesn't affect draw once the chimney is hot, but when you start the initial (smoky) fire you will almost certainly have trouble with smoke escaping the front of the oven if the vent opening is higher than your oven opening - with your indoor oven I would be concerned about this. How well you can venilate that room would affect that decision. If you keep the higher vent opening be prepared also for extra soot on the face of the oven.

    The dome looks great. Are you planning any buttress around the base of the dome like John Breck used? I don't know between an 14 inch oven height as he used and a 16" as you constructed when that is needed.


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      Re: possible alternate insulation blanket/progress report


      Consider having a look at Kiwipete's cast vent transition... It's a worthy idea to have some form of transition that takes the smoke from the larger oven opening and transitions it down to the smaller vent pipe... as opposed to an abrupt change in diameter... With this type of transition, I think you'll see less soot on the outside of the oven...

      I haven't insulated my dome yet as I"m still building the flue and chimney, but the only thing with insulfrax and all those fiber based products that bothers me is something I read in Alan Scott's book... In the book, they refer to an oven fire that occurred in a commercial bakery where they were drying their wood in the oven after bakes... They referred to this as "coking" the wood... As we all know, these ovens do crack... Anyway, this oven was insulated with some type of fiber insulation and these fumes and soot from the drying wood built up in the crack and into the fiber insulation over time and eventually caused a fire... So, it was a combination of things that caused this: "coking" your firewood, using fiber insulation, and it was a commercial "daily use" bakery... Nevertheless, something to think about.

      Your dome looks great... are you planning on pointing the interior?