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  • another one born and a ?

    Hey all, just wanted to give you an update.My 42x16 1/3 brick oven has been born on 5/12/07 at 1:00 am! I was worried about the aggresive arch on this but, for no reason at all I guess. This heat stop 50 is sweet. Had her up to about 500 so far! Question for you all , is zonolite (coated vermiculite), ok for loose insulation, or is the the silicone coating bad at these high temps? I am planning a stucco enclosure then filling with loose insulation. Check out these pics. Seeing the first fire in this thing was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!, wife and i were up till 3:30, and back up at 8:00amto burn it again!

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    Re: another one born and a ?

    Way to go widespread. I remember that oven when it was a wee wood stove. Congratulations! You can't beat watching fire -- beat's the last few movies we've watched (is Hollywood getting worse, or is it just me?)

    Take you time curing. It will be worth it.

    There have been a number of postings on coated vermiculite that are worth reading. Others will comment on that.

    Congratulations again!
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      Re: another one born and a ?

      Hate to post back to my own post, but I still dont know if there is a good reason to not use zonolite as a DRY insulation. Is the silicone not good at that temp? Or does it not matter? Also as expected some hairline cracks have reared ther ugly heads! All I can seem to find around is this product, 3m fireblock sealant(FB136). here is the data sheet. I have read a lot of older posts on the hairline crack subject, and havent really found reference to an exact product, so do you all think this will work?

      Eager to get up and rolling on the insulation, all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks a lot -marc


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        Re: another one born and a ?

        Based on what others have written, I don't think you should have a problem using the coated product as a DRY insulation. From what I understand the silicone can pose bonding problems when mixed with cement (its a crumbly mixture even using the proper mix). Have not heard of any issues when used dry in an enclosure around the dome.
        Hopefully you will get a response from someone who has done what you propose.....its always nice to learn from someone else's mistake or success

        Good luck