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Floor sanding?

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  • Floor sanding?


    My oven is moving forward nicely I am on the fourth course need to post pictures but I am building a 36" oven and tapering all of the bricks. Had a problem right off the bat with the HF saw as it wouldn't spin up fast enough to disengage the motor brake. Fixed that by removing a spring from the motor brake.

    Anyway, my question is on the floor. I have been trying to smooth it out using the brick and belt sander technique. So far I have gone through a lot of belts as they seem to tear easily and have a relatively rough surface. Does it matter if the brick is rough as long as it is even? Any suggestions for making it smooth?



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    Re: Floor sanding?


    I used 40 grit from lowes - they have 2 flavors and either one of them sanded pretty well. They do wear out fairly quick. I think if you get the edges removed you will be good to go.

    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: Floor sanding?

      Hi Julian,
      I experienced the same problem and used a special grinding disk on my angle grinder (or 7" 2 speed buff).
      See the details on:

      permalinh #8.
      Sand your floor BEFORE you close the dome for accessability and if you don't you won't be able to see what you are doing. Also the abrasive dust going through your grinder motor will stuff it up in no time.

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        Re: Floor sanding?

        Um, from the peanut gallery. If the floor is rough any dough will stick to it.
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