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Concrete slab size

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  • Concrete slab size

    Due to the end size of my eventual oven my concrete slab size will be at least 88in x 96in. I'm wondering if (1) I should plan on stabilizing the slab with a greater amount of rebar rods than what is recommended in the oven plans, and (2) should make the overall slab thickness greater than is recommended in the oven plans?

    With regards to the cement used, do most people just use bagged concrete or do they add aggregate such as gravel? If so what approx. size gravel is used?

    FYI, I live in southern Connecticut where winters CAN be hard, however not as of late. Still hard freezes can be expected anytime from DEC thru MAR.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Concrete slab size

    The amount of rebar depends on depth and width of the foundation. Your worst freeze will dictate this. As for the rebar, many of us likely overkill the area where rebar is established.

    For cement, this again depends on the depth, width, and how much help, what time of year you do it. Mine was on the large size, 2ft. deep by 1 foot wide due to potential hard freezes, and I have clay that goes deep here. I had my brother-in-law helping me, and we uses a 1cu.yd. mixer bought from H.D. We also bought sand, gravel, and portland cement to mix.

    As for visuals on the rebar, look at many of the ovens that show that rebar and judge as well. Mine is here too.

    I hope I helped some.
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      Re: Concrete slab size

      Hi Jeff, I live in Southbury Ct. and I'm in the planning stages for my oven. I was wondering how deep are you going to dig your footings for your slab? I would like to compare notes since we are in the same state.
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        Re: Concrete slab size

        I would give you local redimix guy a call. Check out prices for having it delivered, and ask all the questions you posed here including frost line and whether or not footings would be advisable in your area. He can also alert you to any code issues to consider. My guy was very helpful during that first inquiry call.