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Starting my foundation questions?

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    Re: Starting my foundation questions?

    I will make sure I pay close attention to how my chimney will be in relation to any nearby trees. I don't have a problem whacking a tree out of my backyard because we can use the sun light. I've already measured and the oven will be more than 20 feet away from the house. My main concern will be how close the chimney will be in relation to the top & sides of my redwood arbor. This brick oven is going to be just outside of the arbor area so that would be my only real concern. I'll do some measuring prior to starting the project and I guess if I really had to I could extend the size of the chimney to the height needed to clear the arbor.

    And I'm not complaining at all when I read how much dirt you guys had to move.

    I'm going to make my form for my arbor foundation and brick oven foundation and have it poured all at once. The arbor will be a 16 x 16 ft slab with rebar around the sides ranging from 4 inches in the center to five inches at the sides. The brick oven area will be a solid six inches.

    I have alot of work ahead of me. My goal is to get the foundations for both arbor & oven poured by the end of March and stain the concrete when it's dried properly. Early April will start the building of the redwood arbor. When the arbor is done I'll be putting in roughly 450 - 500 sq. ft of patio. Possibly flag or Colorado blue stone. That puts me at the end of April into May.

    I'm hoping to start the brick oven project sometime in late summer or early Fall.

    I have seen some amazing photos of the work you guys have done and I'll admit I'm quite the perfectionist. I'm really handy with tools, landscaping & carpentry but this looks like it's going to be a challenge. I'm really hoping I can recruit a friend the excellent mason & carpentry skills. Maybe one of those you help me with mine and help you with yours type of deals. I'd feel much more comfortable with someone with experience. Can't wait start this.


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      Re: Starting my foundation questions?

      No fears. It will all work out. If you're hand with tools, you're golden. You can't do every step by yourself though. Some of these processes take two people to do without killing yourself. Believe me. I like to these things by myself, but I was greatful for my neighbor who helped me out a bunch along the way.
      Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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        Re: Starting my foundation questions?

        Good info guys.. I have been lurking and stuff for years now im just going to take the first steps and finish when i can. Had I started after my first year of lurking, I would already be enjoying my oven