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When to cure?

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  • When to cure?

    Hello all.

    I have completed my dome and am now leaving my oven for a week or so to dry out before starting the curing process.

    Should the curing be carried out before the application of the insulation?
    I will be using rockwool and vermiculite concrete for the insulation.
    Does the Vermic. concrete need to be heat cured?

    Thanks for any advice


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    Re: When to cure?

    This is a hotly debated question. I think the consensus is that putting the blanket on, but not the vermiculite concrete, before curing is the best plan. That way if some cracks develop in the drying process, you can lift the blanket and add some mortar on the outside. Also, an insulated brick is subject to less thermal shock than one that's exposed to cold air on the outside, this may reduce cracking as well.

    Builders have done it both ways successfully. The main thing is go slowly. Building fires is way fun and the temptation is there to just throw some more wood on in the early part of the process.
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      Re: When to cure?

      I agree with Dave, the insulation will allow you to have more even heat buildup with less fire and also slower cooling....all good in my mind. Since the concept is to drive out the moisture and chemical water, best to put finishing layers on after.....
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