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  • Amazon Kindle

    Would anyone be interested in FB trying to convert the Pompeii Oven eBook to the Amazon Kindle format?

    Amazon.com: Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store

    There's a fun image. A cute little white Kindle all covered with mortar.

    What do you think? Would anybody be interested?
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    Re: Amazon Kindle

    Nope! I love my books where I can see them on the shelf. I can loan them to friends, hold them in my hands and feel substance. I hate cell phones, Ipods, and similar technologies, but put up with the unavoidable required hardware necessary to function in the world today.
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      Re: Amazon Kindle

      Personally I am not interested....I have even problems reading on my laptop (age!)...I prefer paper that I can bring on the work place and see, check write....Carlo
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        Re: Amazon Kindle

        James - here is an option I've just started to see. It's pretty cool on the way you turn the pages and the quick links to sections. One click to zoom in and out - works well for old eyes. I personally wouldn't spend the $400 for a Kindle.

        This link is to one of the trade rags I receive that uses it.


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          Re: Amazon Kindle

          I have to admit that I am thinking of the Kindle more as distribution channel (marketing strategy) than as a practical way of delivering the plans to a builder. Hence my joke about a mortar covered Kindle on the work site. :-) Can you use one with work gloves on? Hah, hah.

          Do you think a Kindle owner would be looking around for cool Kindle stuff, and find the Pompeii Oven eBook?
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            Re: Amazon Kindle

            Geeeeeeeeeez, do I feel old and out of touch (I'm only 45). I had NO clue what this was about into I clicked on the link. I'm not surprised, just never seen or heard or these.
            I must agree with George (again) and biondoli - give me my reading materials in paper form.
            George, I think we must have the same daddy....I would not own a cell phone if my job didn't require it, ipod - never. PDA/smart phone - what a nuisance.....text messaging should be punishable by death (not really, but I do despise it)



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              Re: Amazon Kindle

              RT...I hate cell phones, have never texted and never used a pager

              ....but the IPOD is great.....load a few thousand of your favorite songs, hit shuffle and it will play for a month!

              No more vinly, 8track, cassetts, discs, disc cases....just something the size of your wallet.
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                Re: Amazon Kindle

                Can I join? I don't have a cell phone either. Or an Ipod.

                Is this maybe some shared trate of WFO builders? "People who do not like modern thechnology are more likely to build brick ovens" - that kind of thing .

                ...only obviously a computer is a vital component of building one, so maybe I'm wrong.
                "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)