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Need advice, is my dome too high?

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  • Need advice, is my dome too high?

    After more than a year of off and on building, the oven is nearly finished. I used the pompeii oven spread sheet calculator to build a 40" diameter with a 4.25" soldier course. The IT pivot point was set for 3.75" above the floor and results in a dome height of almost 24". I am done curing and have used the oven at full heat two times over the last week or so. I am noticing that it takes a lot of fuel to keep a good flame burning up the side of the dome, and wondering if in fact the dome is too high. The easiest way to try and lower the dome would be to raise the oven floor by laying another layer of brick, but I think that would create quite a bit more thermal mass in the floor.
    I would appreciate any thoughts, including those that say I should just leave it alone and get to understand the characteristics of this particular oven.

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    Even though you've been around for a while, let me welcome you to the forum. I think that I fall into the group of "leave it alone". You did not mention your door height. Raising the floor will subract from that also. And, yes placing another flloor on top of the existing one will add thermal mass. That will be even more fuel to get the floor up to temp for pizza. Unless you really get into baking multiple batches of bread, that is unnecessary. For pizzas you can experiment with time on the floor and then doming the pizza to finish. You also say that you are finished "curing", and that you have had it up to full temp twice. The oven may not be as dry as you might think. Give it a little more time befrore you make your next move, if any.

    Just my opinion .
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      Thanks Gulf,
      The door height is 15" but the more I use it, the less inclined I am to make any significant alterations. I successfully roasted a 15lb turkey yesterday so I think it is a matter of giving it some time and learning how to best use it.
      I appreciate your opinion.


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        Worst case scenario, you have to dome your pizzas a little, it won't affect anything else other than fuel usage.