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How to Build a Fireplace directly beneath Pizza Oven?

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  • How to Build a Fireplace directly beneath Pizza Oven?

    I want to build a combination Pizza Oven and Fireplace. However my wife is adamant that the fireplace be directly beneath the Pizza Oven for aesthetics. There are a lot of plans on-line where the pizza oven is beside the fireplace but nothing that shows how to build them on top of each other. I realize there is an issue with flue design. Can anyone here point me in the right direction?

    Also, to save time I want to purchase the modular Forno Bravo Oven vs building brick by brick. Any feedback?

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    You would need to run the flue for the fireplace around or behind the oven. You can't really run it through. And by using a kit you are limiting your design options. You're really going to add a lot of cost/time to your build and you will be trading functionality/ease of use for aesthetics.

    I think there is at least one oven that has been built on the forum that has the fireplace under the oven. Not sure how well it worked, but if you do some searching you can find it.
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      Try this link on the forum or do a search by "fireplaces"
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        I think that you are really challenging the concept by buying a prebuilt oven. The fireplace vent either goes through,around or behind the oven and certain modifications to the oven will be necessary to ensure both appliances work without affecting the other. Not at the same time obviously but logically, a pizza party and then a relaxing fire afterwards. You can find a few examples out there if you look hard enough.
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            Nice dry stack stone work
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              Here's a simple solution, not under the oven, but beside it. We found many ovens in Europe, particularly in castles that had their ovens sharing a chimney with a fireplace like this. This one was in a 400 y o villa in Tuscany. One big advantage is that the oven entry is removed providing better oven access.
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                I wanted to do similar when I first started researching/planning a year ago... but as you've found, research is limited, and many advised against it. I found that most stated that each will work best on it's own, and I *may* compromise the performance of both trying to merge them together.

                Add to that,my wife really wanted the flexibility of moving the fire place around, so I have opted for a dedicated WFO to be built this summer and I have purchased a 8'x4' sheet of 13/64" Corten Steel to make a custom fire pit instead.

                My notes/scribblings indicated either a twin chimney unit, or else I wondered if the WFO door surround/acrh could have hollow sides to funnel the fire smoke up into the WFO chimney but I figured that we'd never want them running simultaneously so figured we'd lift the embers out of the WFO after tea and drop them into the fire pit to kick start that for the evening.

                None of this is built, so based on research and theory at this stage. The large courtyard has just been concreted and next is the fencing. We're middle of winter so plenty of time yet.