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Not much here in the way of guidance for smaller ovens (28inch internal or less)

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    Anyone with feedback regarding the stand we have so far is welcome.

    Also I purchased the ceramic fiber board today which will go under the oven dome. Are these typically cemented in place to the slab, or held down to the slab using any other method? Or are they free-standing on the slab?


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      Good call. You are goint to be putting about a ton of weight on the board. No need to fasten it down. It'll stay there.

      On your slab - I would cut away the cement board around the edge to clean up the look. Then perhaps think about using tile on the edge for appearance.
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        Here are some progress pictures guys.
        I ended up buying a harbor freight tile saw.

        Since I had the ability to slice bricks more easily I went with a little more secure design and did a half-soldier for the first course rather than a full soldier.

        We used a large caster wheel for the IT. I am a little concerned about the size of the wheel making this tool essentially a two-point-pivot. When you are measuring out at an angle where the wheel and base are in line with the target, I am sure it will extend slightly farther, as opposed to when the tool is completely horizontal or completely vertical. Should be OK but in hindsight a smaller wheel would have created a more true sphere.

        Very very confused about how I want to do my vent. I am creating two sets of archs, one behind the other. The back arch will sit about a half inch lower than the opening arch, so that we have a 1/2 inch reveal for a door jam. That back arch will be made out of half bricks and be about 4.5 inches deep. The front arch is a full brick arch, about 9 inches deep.

        My plan for now is to use half bricks for the three middle pieces of the front arch, leaving a rectangular (trapezoidal prism) opening which spans about three bricks wide and 4.5 inches deep for the vent. The question now is how to transition this into a 6 inch pipe.

        Also, the left wall on my entry arch is kind of leaning. I am thinking about whether I will want to buttress it. Though it may not be necessary anymore now that I am using a stainless pipe chimney instead of a brick one.


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          All The ITs that I have seen so far have some off set. You will want to trim some of that 2X4 away on the leading edge to keep it from dislodging a freshly placed brick. If I understand correctly your inner arch will be made totaly out of 1/2 brick. If so, the upper brick of the arch will not reach far enough into the dome. It will work just fine but, you will have to compensate with a make up row to get back to round above the inner arch. Take a look at jonv 's inner arch. It shows how the inner arch transitions from about a half brick at the base to nearly a whole brick top dead center. When you tie the inner arch in with the dome it will be buttressed. However, the outer arch is a different story.
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