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Stainless Steel for oven floor

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  • Stainless Steel for oven floor

    I'm getting ready to build my oven and want to fit a piece of stainless steel on top of the firebrick floor for a variety of reasons (protect bricks, easier to maintain, etc.) has anyone done this? Are there any potential drawbacks that I'm missing?

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    I expect one of the more experienced builders will comment, but I don't think protecting the firebrick floor should be much of a concern. They are exactly what you want to cook your pizza (or bread) on.

    Stainless is prone to buckling and the sort of gauge that would stand up to the task would be pricey. You would have to bond it down with something that maintained good conduction with the mass underneath. Someone might be able to confirm but I would suspect that the surface might get too hot and may burn the base of any pizza or bread you throw in there.

    If you are worried about damaging a firebrick, if you don't build the dome on top of the floor and don't mortar the bricks down you could, in theory, replace a badly damaged brick. In practice it may never happen and even if it does one might not want to bother replace it!


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      Apart from the quality of storing plenty of heat a firebrick floor is porous which helps make the base crispy. Some beginning pizza cooks will cook their pizzas on metal trays because they haven't learnt the skills to manage the floppy dough base. Because the tray is not porous it has a tendency to trap moisture between it and the underside of the base resulting in a soft or soggy bottom. Some trays have lots of perforations in an attempt to release the steam, but it's nowhere near as good as cooking directly on the firebrick floor. Stainless sheet would have the same result.
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        Great! Thanks for the responses..much appreciated