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  • Oven brick options

    Hello to all

    I am at the stage of the insulating hearth for my 42" Pompeii, and planning next stages.

    The Australian firebrick suppliers I have contacted have 9"x4.5"x3" bricks(230x115x75). I would use these on the oven floor and for dome.

    An alternative floor brick is a 12"x12"x2" tile(300x300x50) (I may also be able to get a 12"x12"x3" tile, but currently N.A.)

    Given I will have good hearth insulation, would the 2" tile be ok, or is the greater thermal mass in the 3" brick important?

    Secondly, I can also get 3 different angle arch bricks at the same price as straight bricks.
    1. 75mm/51mm
    2. 75mm/63mm
    3. 75mm/69mm

    Is it worth checking the angles of above, and considering building the entire dome out of arch bricks? (= less gaps to mortar?) I guess it would depend on the angle being just right, or you would need to shim anyway?

    I look forward to any comments. I will get organised soon and post some photos I have taken so far.

    All the best, Andrew

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    Re: Oven brick options

    US firebricks are two and a quarter inches thick, so I think the 2" refractory tiles would do fine. It's interesting that in Australia that refractory tiles and arch bricks are affordable, where they are mostly expensive specialty items here in the States.

    Arch bricks will use less mortar, especially if you are cutting them on an angle to fit closely. You will also use more bricks, the better they fit.
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