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Pottery landing tile

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  • Pottery landing tile

    My wife is a potter so I was thinking about having her make a landing tile for me. The idea is to make an artistic personal touch to the landing.

    The oven floor is 150mm perlite and 75mm firebrick. I plan to add a small thermal gap (filled with ash) between the landing and oven floor.

    The landing will be thicker perlite with the pottery tile mortared to the perlite.

    Do you think this will work?

    Should I be concerned about cracking?



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    I know that David S of Australia does tile on the face of the outer arch with no issues. There will be quite a bit of radiant heat coming out of the oven opeing during a firing but IMHO a high fired stoneware tile should be able to handle the heat.
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      We put a marble mosaic on the landing in front of the oven. If you're looking for a place to add a creative touch, it's not a bad approach
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        Marble does not like heat and will disintegrate if used as an oven floor, but might be ok for the landing. You do what you can get away with.I think a fired clay tile should work ok, but fired to stoneware rather than earthenware as Russell suggests. Also definitely leave an expansion gap between it and the floor. It would be a pity to crack it from the expanding floor. Around 4 mm should be enough.
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