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Granite entry ledge question

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  • Granite entry ledge question

    I have to wait how long to it fire it up! Damn youíre killing me.

    I would like to add granite to the front landing replacing the 2 1/2 bricks sitting just inside the front arch. Do you think it would get too hot? I know granite can be dangerous in and around fire.

    I plan to wait 4 weeks then start small and gradually build fires for a week or so as recommended. In the meantime I will work on cutting through the pergola and adding the venting and the ceramic insulation layers and maybe facing the stand if we can decide on how we want to finish it.
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    I used soapstone there. I'd recommend that over granite. It does get very hot in that entry, and granite can (IIRC) explode w/heat
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      Thanks Deejayoh thatís what I was afraid of. Iíll take a look at soap stone. I asked about it at a local brick rock yard and they donít carry it. Iíll check a couple more. Do you know if quartz has the same issues?


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        Try a place that install counter tops and see if you can get a soapstone cut out or surplus piece for you oven entry. Gianna Foccacia did a really nice soapstone floor and entry as well as a top notch oven. He does not participates in the blog any more but his build post is still here.
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