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  • 42" Build - Crazy thought

    Ok, So I've had the materials to do this build for a while now but have been too busy to start we're heading into Fall/Winter (Ohio) and I don't want to start an outside project like this now. I should say that my stand is already built and ready for a pizza oven to sit upon it. Now for the crazy thought...I have a heated shop that I thought that I could build a temporary stand to build the dome on during the winter and then transfer the dome to base in early spring to finish the rest of the build. Have you heard of anyone doing this? What are your thoughts in general...Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I wouldn't,

    Though, there is plenty that you can do to save some time in the spring imo. The insulation,floor brick, and several of the courses of dome brick can be be precut. If you make a temporary form, all can be precut. (There will be some on each course to adjust for the final fit to the inner arch). I know that some say that it is best to cut and fit the inner arch as you lay the dome courses. However, imo, the geometry don't change. It can be cut and dry stacked. You just have to trust what you have learned from asking questions, making the templates, and the drawings. You can also take the time to again go through what you want as a finished product (enclosure, Igloo, roof over, etc. Some who have rushed in to their build have later wished that they would have done something different.

    My advice is to take this time to plan and get it right for the perfect oven for you .
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      Totes....but it'd be pretty cool to build it in an enclosed environment, out of the elements, and with proper lighting and room to work...and drink beer The practical side agrees with you all day on the "probably not a good idea" situation...but I can get ahold of a skid steer to move it around and if I can design the temporary stand in such a way that it would allow me to slide the dome off of it's temporary base and onto the permanent one that would be pretty sweet. Additionally, I could then spend more time this summer eating pizza and drinking libations and less time actually building it...I don't know though....I would also be super pisssed if I dropped my dome of goodness during the transfer...ugh!!! So many things to ponder


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        I had a friend that had to forklift his oven from the front of his house to his backyard after he was informed the oven violated either city code or some HOA rule. I think he lifted the hearth slab and moved it that way onto a new base. When he rented the forklift he only wanted it for a short time, and the owner tried to get him to take it a little longer. He said it'll only take about a half hour to either reset the oven or make a pile of bricks
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          Though I am only building my first oven and am not a pro, I have lifted heavy concrete things. Totally doable in my opinion. Just need some planning. Two options come to mind. Both involve pouring a slab in your shop strong enough for the whole project, in addition to your base. First option; form some slots on the underside of the slab to accommodate forks. similar to the underside of a pallet. Second; pour the same slab but instead of fork slots have continuous rebar poking out in several places forming loops to attach straps. Find a local crane operator who works for pizza and beer.